Shaun McKenna is an award-winning British dramatist.  

Prolific and versatile, he is known for both

original dramas and adaptations.  


His credits range from theatre plays to prime-time TV,

acclaimed West End musicals to documentaries,

spectacular arena shows to classic radio dramas.  


Born in Kent, he now lives in West London.

Shaun McKenna



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TV Musicals Adaptations MADDIE ALBUM

Current Projects

The 20th anniversary reissue

of the Original London Cast recording of


is now available from

Stage Door Records.

It comes with a bonus disc

of more than 25 additional tracks, including some newly recorded ones.

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A new musical

about the life and times of Jack Cole

the forgotten genius who invented

jazz dance and created unforgettable

film numbers for Marilyn Monroe

and Rita Hayworth.


Co-created with Chet Walker

opening USA 2018-19

Image-1 CHINA TOWNS IMG_0779 2


After a successful workshop in 2017, this new British musical written with Leighton James House and Simon Spencer is heading for a full production in



A new adventure musical

created with Steven Dexter, Stephen Clark, Dick Lee and Tony Petito

opening at the Esplanade Theatre

Singapore in 2019



An epic new 11-part

BBC Radio 4 drama series ,

co-created with Lin Coghlan,

from the works of Arnold Bennett.


Broadcasting in 2019