I sometimes think there isn’t a true thing on earth.  Nothing constant, no single point that’s completely dependable.  You’d think one could rely on pure logic, wouldn’t you?  Or find a truth in mysticism of some kind.  But one can’t.  

Let alone know the truth about men’s motives.

The sudden midwinter death of a schoolboy.  A letter asking Miss Brimley for help.  George Smiley, newly retired from the secret services and newly separated from his wife, Ann, is called upon to investigate.  But the school proves a closed community and the eccentric teacher, Fielding, finds his position threatened as Smiley uncovers the truth.

Dramatised by Shaun McKenna


Simon Russell Beale as George Smiley

Geoffrey Palmer as Fielding

Marcia Warren as Miss Brimley

Geoffrey Streatfeild as Rode

Alison Pettitt as Ann Snow

Sam Dale as Rigby

Amanda Lawrence as Janie

Liza Sadovy as Shane Hecht


Directed by Marc Beeby

A Murder of Quality

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