Shaun McKenna is an award-winning British dramatist.  

Prolific and versatile, he is known for both

original dramas and adaptations.  


His credits range from theatre plays to prime-time TV,

acclaimed West End musicals to documentaries,

spectacular arena shows to classic radio dramas.  


Born in Kent, he now lives in West London.

Shaun McKenna



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BBC Radio 4, weekdays, 12.00

Shaun was lead writer on Season 12

in 2018 and is returning to write

for the final series which broadcasts September to November 2018.


TV Musicals Adaptations MADDIE ALBUM

Current Projects

The 20th anniversary reissue

of the Original London Cast recording of


is now available from

Stage Door Records.

It comes with a bonus disc

of more than 25 additional tracks, including some newly recorded ones.

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A new musical

about the life and times of Jack Cole

the forgotten genius who invented

jazz dance and created unforgettable

film numbers for Marilyn Monroe

and Rita Hayworth.


Co-created with Chet Walker

opening USA 2018-19

Image-1 CHINA TOWNS IMG_0779 2


After a successful workshop in 2017, this new British musical written with Leighton James House and Simon Spencer is heading for a full production in



A new adventure musical

created with Steven Dexter, Stephen Clark, Dick Lee and Tony Petito

opening at the Esplanade Theatre

Singapore in 2019


An epic new 11-part

BBC Radio 4 drama series ,

co-created with Lin Coghlan,

from the works of Arnold Bennett.


Broadcasting in 2019